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Preparation for The Cataract Procedure

Our first priority is to educate our cataract patients.

Most patients want to know initially what a cataract is and why it has degraded their vision. Our staff and doctors explain and ensure that you feel ready to take the next steps towards cataract surgery.

Some patients choose to have cataract surgery within the month and others go away and think about it for a year (everyone is different).

If we are to proceed, the eye needs to be measured and its individual shape and dimensions assessed in order to customise the lens implant to your eye.
To do this we use the latest scanning technologies and develop a lens implant plan to suit you.

The eye is examined from front to back with dilating drops and the overall health of your eye is determined including assessment of Glaucoma, Macular degeneration and Diabetes.

Our booking team will arrange everything for you, including a cataract surgery date and explanation of the costs involved. Costs will vary according to your health fund, your aged pensioner status, the lens implant you need and the specifics of your case.

On the day of surgery you will need to spend only 3-4 hours in the surgery centre. Your eye will be dilated and our specialist anaesthetists will assess your general health. The operation is under local (sub-Tenons) anaesthetic with a mild sedative to calm your

A sterile drape is placed over your eye in theatre but your vision through the eye is usually limited due to the local anaesthetic which blocks the optic nerve function. In the theatre you will hear the staff speaking and usually some quiet music. You will need a friend to take you home because you will be wearing an eye patch.

The actual procedure takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the specifics of your case. You will go home with an eye patch and the doctor will remove it the next morning after which you begin a 4 week course of eye drops.

The procedure and the post operative period are not usually associated with pain, but some patients do feel like their eye is slightly "gritty".


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