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Our Technology

Alcon Infiniti / 'Ozil' Torsional Phacoemulsification

A safe and smooth cataract procedure is enhanced with the very latest tools of the trade. The Ozil torsional technology uses pulses of energy delivered by the torsional method which reduces energy used and increases the efficiency of cataract emulsification. This all adds up to more precise control inside the eye and enhanced safety.

IOL master

The IOL Master is the state of the art technology to calculate the lens implant strength required by each of your eyes. Each eye requires a different strength lens implant. The IOL master uses low coherence interferometry (light waves) to calculate the length of your eye and its front window’s (corneal) curvature. Using these parameters with state-of-the-art lens implant formulae, the lens implant strength is calculated. The IOL master also gives us an idea of the astigmatism of your eye. Astigmatism is an optical defect of the eye where an image is not focused even when the long or short sightedness is corrected with glasses. This arises most commonly from the front window (cornea) of some eyes is shaped like a rugby ball rather than a soccer ball.

We have the latest upgrades of the IOL master to guarantee the best technology is available to our patients.

Immersion A scan

Some cataracts are very advanced and the light used in the IOL master is unable to penetrate it to calculate the length of the eye. In this situation, we have the immersion ultrasonic A scanner which is able to penetrate and measure eye length even with advanced cataracts. A contact probe is used to transmit sound waves through the eye to calculate the eye’s length. This is the back-up system.


The Orbscan is an instrument that can measure the topography (hilliness) of the cornea (the front window of the eye). The uneven hilliness of the cornea is the main cause of astigmatism following cataract surgery. The Orbscan gives us a full graphical demonstration of your astigmatism. In this way we can accurately determine whether you require a premium toric intraocular lens. The Orbscan can also be used to severity of diseases of the cornea such as keratoconus.

Specular microscope

Rarely after successful cataract surgery the cornea can fail and reduce vision. It occurs more frequently in people with a weak corneal inner layer (endothelium). This can be difficult to see sometimes with just clinical examination. The specular microcope is an instrument that is able to photograph this normally invisible inner cell layer; this information can help us estimate the risk of cataract surgery to the cornea in these eyes. This test is not required in all eyes undergoing surgery but is essential in some. Knowing this information could potentially lead to modifications in the cataract surgery technique or aftercare.

Visante OCT

Sometimes cataract surgery is performed for reasons other than to just improve vision. The surgery is sometimes medically indicated in some types of glaucoma such as in some subgroups of narrow angle glaucoma. Visante OCT is an imaging system that helps us visualise the front segment of the eye including the drainage angle and the cornea. It is similar to taking a CT scan of the front of the eye but using light and not x-ray.

Cirrus OCT

The main cause of reversible blindness in the world is cataract. Glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes are the main causes of irreversible vision loss in Australia. The Cirrus OCT is an imaging system that let us study your retina and optic nerve. When needed, this helps us differentiate whether your vision loss is reversible due to cataract or if you have another cause. This way, if your cataract is not the principal cause of your reduced vision, it may be deferred.



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